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  • Who is your favorite crypto influencer in Nigeria and why?

    Tell us about your favorite Nigerian crypto influencer and why you will like to see them at

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  • How to earn money with Instagram

    Followers = Referrals. That's mean that you can get money saying people to visit some page, for example an Faucet, or an Exchange that gives you money for referrals.
    Or you can try another ways, for example:

    • Connect with advertisers that are willing to sponsor influential Instagram users.
    • Earn commissions for selling other companies’ products or capturing leads
    • Or promote Your Business, Products Or Services
    • Sell Your Photos
      Or the last thing you can do is:
    • Sell Your Instagram Account
      Any way good luck!
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  • Appreciating the things we do have!

    I realized the little friends I have are valuable to me cuz we understand each other and I appreciated it by calling them rather than being the usual me who doesn't normally care much about the friends that he does have and instead tries to win over new friends.

    not that I don't care I'm usually a depressed person and focus on things that are not there and I believe this way I will never be satisfied and have to live my whole life waiting, while if I just see the things I have I can immediately plan to build them and refine them.

    when we focus on the things that are not there we are always missing something but when the focus is on the things that we do have, we actually have things.

    All in all, I think we can become much better and satisfied people in our lives if we focus on the things that are already there for us and build them, refine them.

    Have a good day!

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  • Bike drive and car drive, which is your favourite?

    Owh felling very excited to me even almost every more free time i love BIKE drive. Personally i have no car but i am happy for traveling long in my bike.

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  • WhatsApp Partners With Open WhisperSystems To End-To-End Encrypt

    Good news for people who love privacy and security! Bad news for black-hat hackers and government surveillance agencies. WhatsApp, the wildly popular messaging app, has partnered with the crypto gurus at Open WhisperSystems to implement strong end-to-end encryption on all WhatsApp text messages–meaning not even Zuck himself to pry into your conversations, even if a court order demands it.

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  • What’s your favorite Nike sneaker?

    I need suggestions to new nike sneakers...Any ideas??

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  • Deflationary Tokens - you say?

    I am well aware of coins with controlled inflation like BTC, where a finite number of coins will be generated at a controlled rate. Very recently I came across deflationary tokens where coins are destroyed whenever a transaction is made and they will end at some time.
    My question is what is the purpose of creating such coins? Are they worthy enough to be invested?

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  • Is Ethereum investment for future ??

    I am big-time follower of ethereum from initial days I was holding ethereum even the price less than 100$ and also I was holding ethereum at the price of 1200$. But based on recent development i am highly speculative ethereum price after 2.0 release. Once POS introduced the problem of scalability will be solved Maximum supply will be fixed. So I am slowly investing on ethereum from my savings part by part reasons are below

    1. Inflation in global currency or fiat currency ( ethereum and bitcoin is the best alternative investment solution )
    2. Ethereum is the best Smart contract creation platform holding major DAPP's in market
    3. Real-world use case
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  • Prove that Crypto mass adoption is getting in place

    Do not rely on this, it's just news that could or could not happen. Yesterday news broke regarding the strong possibility that PayPal and Venmo, the two notable fintech companies are both moving to add direct crypto and Bitcoin trading capabilities to their users, what do you think will happen if this comes true???
    I like the fact that this is happening and DeFi projects are doing their thing too

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  • Does anyone knows anything about hosting a lightning node?

    So I've recently seen a video and read an article that explains how to host a lightning node on raspberry pi3.

    Aside from the benefit of strengthening the ecosystem and helping the technology in general, is it financially worth doing?

    Has anyone done it? Can you share some info on gains?

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