How Profit from CRUDE.BTSP

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    CRUDE.BTSP (CBTSP) is the liquidity token for bitsharescrude and is part of the means by which bitsharescrude raises funds for its stable coin CRUDE.NGN. It can only be gotten by a liquidity pool contract, where a user adds BTS and CRUDE.NGN to the liquidity pool. The resulting contract token can immediately be sold for bitshares via CRUDE.NGN at almost three times its original value or held until the amount of bitshares in the pool has doubled. The user can also add bitshares to the pool via swap operations to get almost twice the amount he would have gotten from the market(This is only profitable above a price diffrence of -45% )…
    CRUDE.BTSP is expected to gain more value, as more bitshares is added to the pool over time and as such encourages users to provide liquidity to the pool or to swap bitshares for CRUDE.NGN.
    It is currently not possible to access the pool from the Bitshares UI or web wallet, users can only access this feature from the mobile wallet. However it is possible to buy the resulting supply from the web wallet to hold until the time when it has gained a reasonable valuation.
    Download the BTS mobile app on google play or on their official site
    Login to your account and navigate to the option called poolmart.
    You will see a list of pools there, scroll down to BTS/CRUDE.NGN then select.
    it will open to the swap option you can quickly swap bitshares for almost twice its amount in naira (above -45%) or click on pool, and add liquidity if you intend to double your bitshares supply or sell for almost thrice the amount in naira.

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