Every organization needs to monitor all its assets. In this way, the appropriate stakeholders can realize precisely which assets are available and what should be used to generate optimal gains. The assets that are held by any organization fall into two major categories: current and fixed assets. Fixed assets are those assets that are purchased for future use while current assets are those assets that can be turned into money within a short period.
    Asset management is a method of developing, maintaining, operating, and trading assets by making profits. Mostly related to finance, the word is referred to companies or individuals that manage or control assets for people or organizations.
    Bitsharescrude is a Private Organization which is into asset management on the bitshares blockchain. They currently offer leveraged based products that can be traded on the bitshares DEX or redeemed for cash on their portal. These assets include; CRUDE.NGN, CRUDE.BTS, CRUDE.BTS2X and CRUDE.LVRG. Their goal is to provide local traders with an opportunity to exchange and control their crypto portfolio with super security for funds generated by the Bitshares Blockchain.
    Though the need for cryptocurrency skills is increasing, according to a study by Trend Micro, security experts are still finding it difficult to follow up on the development. Businesses and private investors are faced with huge disappearances, difficult ransomware, cases of theft, and Ai-powered bots combing the internet searching for poor links as this is a huge challenge to investments. Individuals are prey to hackers; storage areas and servicing functions also have become targets to cyber-attacks in various industries.
    Bitsharescrude provides an easy solution via its asset pool fund which it uses to power the CRUDE.ASSET ecosystem into sustained profitability.
    CRUDE.LVRG is an ETF based asset which records or keeps track of the price of Bitshares, it follows 5x the price change of Bitshares weekly. CRUDE.LVRG, however as an ETF asset is limited as its supply can only be increased at 1:5 an inverse of its price change, this limitation is set to ensure that its total value can always be redeemed at any time.
    CRUDE.LVRG is a 5x long/short BTS token that precedes a weekly change in the price of bitshares. With every 1 percent of BTS that goes up in a day, CLVRG is up 5 percent; for every 1 percent of BTS that goes down, CLVRG is down 5 percent. As a guideline, the holders of CRUDE.LVRG have a long position in BTS and a short position in CRUDE.NGN and vis-versa. Long trade means buying an asset to sell at a better price in the future and make a profit. Short trade also means selling, before buying, to buy back the stock at a cheaper price and make a profit.
    Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been one of the most common investment machines for both corporate and private investors in less than three decades. Often portrayed as safer and cost-free than mutual funds, ETFs help deliver cheaper trade, diversification, and arbitration for investors.
    Since it’s traded on an exchange much like stocks, an ETF is considered an exchange-traded fund. During the whole trading day, the price of an ETF’s assets will vary as the assets are purchased and resold on the market.
    ETFs have some advantages like; liquidity, exotic investments, direct diversification, being able to purchase in small amounts, a wide range of alternatives, etc. To optimize the benefits of investing in ETFs, it is essential to note and identify two main disadvantages. Thankfully, these problems may be mitigated once customers have a good view of the disadvantages and how a careful approach can help to enhance their assets. These disadvantages are the high price volatility and the fact that most ETFs are designed to follow one particular trend (either up or down eg, BTCUP and BTCDOWN). With CRUDE.LVRG, all these are settled as it goes either way.
    A leveraged token is an asset derivative that allows you to get exposure without dealing with margin trade, liquidation, collateral, funding rates to a leveraged trading position in a digital asset. Because of their brevity, they have gained a lot of recognition since their inception. A leverage token facilitates a nominal exposure to a crypto asset either on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Each leveraged token gets its pricing action through the trading of BTS perpetual futures.
    You may also exchange leveraged tokens for their net asset value as well. This development and redemption process is what essentially ensures that leveraged tokens are worth what they are intended to be.
    CRUDE.NGN is simply an asset that represents the naira currency on the Bitshares DEX. It can be redeemed directly for cash or traded on the bitshares exchange.
    CRUDE.BTS is an asset that represents the naira price of bitshares on the bitshares DEX, it is different from CRUDE.NGN in that it follows the price of bitshares 1:1 not naira, it is a smartcoin backed by CRUDE.NGN i.e. and can be used for margin trades.
    CRUDE.BTS2X is a liquidity pool token gotten by staking CRUDE.NGN and BTS, the profits from the pool are used to buy back the coin on the market, the staked coin can also be redeemed on the pool via the ‘remove liquidity option’.
    Simply register a bitshares wallet on any of the bitshares DEX websites like XBTS, GDEX, RUDEX, ioBANKER etc. Then register an account on the bitsharescrude portal which is used to execute the Peer to Peer trading, all traded assets are sent to your bitshares wallet for safe keeping after which you can enjoy the profits from your holdings.
    With the rise of cryptocurrency market, assets investments risks are becoming a pain on the back of some individuals who lack the insight of blockchain asset management. Bitsharescrude has lessened these risks with its CRUDE assets that gain value over time and are easy to profit from. I am sure you will be happy starting your trading career with Bitshares and Bitsharescrude.
    None of this is investment advice. They are just the expressed views of the writer and must not be taken into context. The author is not affiliated to Bitsharescrude and will bear no loss as result of investing in any of the CRUDE.ASSETS, readers are advised to make their own research before making an investment.
    Written By @zooelon
    Edited By @bitsharescrude

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